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Fencing solutions and gates designed for all needs

Looking for perimeter protection solutions for your garden, your house, a company, a building or any other asset ? HeslyFence protects people and their environment for more than 20 years. Quality, expertise, and know how is our strength. Look at our long list of solutions, you will for sure find the answer you are searching for. You need a specialist? contact us:  

Engineered Force Protection ! We are HESLY® -- CHINA,NOT HESCO, UK

Using our expertise in Defensive Barriers, since 2005, we have developed a high quality cellular containment structure, to provide force protection against a range of ordnance, explosive and vehicle attack. Now HESLY® Barrier have been protecting troops in Africa, Middle East, Europe etc. Contact us to for a FREE quote:

  • ISO certificated
  • Chinese patented product
  • Focusing on military defense field since 2005.
  • Standard HMIL Defence Barriers
  • Recoverable Defensive Barriers

Advanced Solutions For Wind & Dust Control !  Contact us for a FREE quote:

HeslyFence® windbreak mesh and dust suppression netting products are scientific and effective solutions for the ports, terminals, power plants, cement factories, coal mines, roads, railway, agriculture and other fields that face the problem of wind and dust pollution. We have four solutions as below for your wind & dust problems:

At HeslyFence, we think you always can find a Razor Wire Fence to protect your house and properties from our Razor Wire Fence range. All of our razor fence are available in galvanised and stainless steel material, and also can be made colorful powder coating.

  • Welded Razor Mesh / Ripper Wire Mesh
  • Concertina Razor Wire
  • Mobile Security Barrier Trailer
  • Rapid Deployment Razor Wire Barrier
  • Flat Wrap Razor Wire

HESLY® are the leader manufacturer & supplier of hexagonal mesh for refractory lining. The material are available for stainless steel (AISI304, AISI304H, AISI310(S), AISI316(L), AISI410S etc) and carbon steel.

  • Refractory Hex Mesh with lances
  • Refractory Hex Metal with bonding holes
  • Stainless Steel Hexmetal Mesh
  • Refractory Anchors

Hesly temporary fencing products are manufactured to the highest standard which are complied with AS4687-2007, they are designed for regular use and a lasting life harsh Australian climates. Our customers and the industries that we supply are wide ranging, whether its a large commercial building project, a mining or resources site, we can supply cost effective temporary fencing solutions.

HeslyGrating - Engineered shipyard and industrial platform.

HESLY® design, engineer and manufacture a range of high-quality fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP/GRP) solutions for use in the commercial, construction, mining and marine industries. FRP moves beyond other industrial materials and is able to deliver the same strength as steel at much less weight, as well as being less of a conductor of electricity. It’s finding its way into construction throughout the world.

  • Molded FRP Grating
  • Pultruded FRP Grating
  • Phenolic Fiberglass Grating - USCG L2 standard
  • FRP/GRP Fencing

With high strength and long service life, HESLY rockfall and Slope Protection Barrier system offers the best solution for slope or mountain protection. Our rockfall protection system include:

  • Economical Simple Drapery Mesh system: Tecco Mesh, Double Twist Wire Net, Chain Link Mesh
  • Mountain Surface strengthening and Support Mesh: Slope Protection Mesh, Spiral Rope Net
  • Dynamic Rockfall Barrier system: Ring Net Barrier, Steel Wire Rope Mesh etc.

Sturdy, Interlocking and Free Standing - An Ideal Selection For Events Control !

At HeslyFence, we can make and supply a full range of barricades with galvanised or colorful powder coated for events crowd control and traffic control, such as:

  • Flat Feet Crowd Control Barriers
  • Claw Feet Crowd Control Barriers
  • Aluminium Stage Barriers / Mojo Barriers
  • Pedestrian Barricades with powder coating

HeslyMesh offers expanded metal that is a versatile and economical product made from a high-quality sheet. Our expanded metal sheet is available in many sizes, openings, and material types. You have the option to choose from many materials, such as aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel.

  • Aluminium Decorative Expanded Metal Facade/cladding
  • Stainless Steel Expanded Metal
  • Carbon Steel Expanded Metal Sheet
  • Flattened Expanded Metal
  • Fine Mesh Expanded Metal

Decorative Perforated Metal is an ideal option for many architectural metal applications that require an aesthetic appeal. Hesly Group offer design options with a vast selection of sizes, gauges, materials, and hole types available.

  • Corrugated Perforated Metal Mesh
  • Laser Cut Metal Mesh Sheet
  • Etching Metal Mesh
  • Aluminium Perforated Metal Ceiling
  • Stainless Steel Performated Metal Sheet

At Hesly Grating, we carry a wide variety of Steel Bar Grating. Our products include Welded and Press-Locked styles in many bar sizes, spacings and materials. Applications include walkways, platforms, trenches and fencing.

  • Welded Steel Bar Grating
  • Antiskid Safety Grating
  • Pressure Locked Grating
  • Steel Grating Fence
  • Stainless Steel Grating
  • Aluminium Grating

As an extremely versatile material, mesh is evergrowing in popularity for use within a number of applications. Not only flexible, customizable, durable and sustainable, hesly decorative wire mesh is also available in thousands of patterns, the perfect medium to satisfy any project, no matter the function or aesthetic.

  • Wire Mesh Facade
  • Aluminium Chainlink Curtain
  • Architectural Wire Mesh Partition
  • Metal Coil Drapery
  • Decorative Ring Mesh Drapery
  • Decorative Wire Mesh Ceiling

Stainless Steel Wire Rope/Cable Mesh is one of our primary wire mesh products. Our stainless steel cable net are pure hand-made including type of Ferrule/sleeve mesh and Cross woven. The stainless steel cable mesh are popular in:

HESLY® have been dedicated in providing integrated solutions for environmental protection and decorative. We can make and supply gabion solutions as below:

  • PET Hexagonal Wire Netting, PET Gabion Baskets
  • Welded Mesh Gabions
  • Double Twisted Gabion baskets
  • Reno Mattress

At HeslyFence, you can find any type of barbe wire. The barbed wire can be galvanized or PVC coated wire.

  • Galvanised Barbed Wire
  • PVC Coated Barbed Wire

Wall Spike also named Razor Spike, which can be installded on the wall or on the top of fence to increase the threat effect. HeslyFence can make and supply wall spikes with various razor styles which is available in galvanised steel and stainless steel material.

  • Galvanized Wall Spike
  • Stainless Steel Wall Spike
  • Powder coated Razor Spikes

HESLY® noise barriers are a perfect combination of sophisticated technology, environmentally friendly design and attractive appearance. HESLY® combines industrial design with high quality static and acoustic characteristics. These elements provide the industrial appearance of a metal facade.

  • Noise Barrier
  • Acoustic barrier
  • Sound Barrier

Alunimium Veneer Panels can make your building more modern and glitzy. Our AL Veneers are availabe to Perforated Metal, Laser Cut Metal, Expanded Metal etc. Just contact us for a free quote:

Now we can supply wire mesh cloth made of various of RARE metal material including: Nickel Wire, Titannium Wire,

Molybdenum Wire, Silver Wire, Brass Wire etc.

Drag mat helps to return a perfect sports fields or lawn.

HESLY®has been serving sports fields, landscape and lawn maintenance many years. Drag mat has been indispensable equipment for leveling baseball and softball infields, maintaining golf courses, top pressing, overseeding, and preparation for seeding bed. Its rigid structure, rust-resistant surface and various sizes together contribute to long durability and high effectiveness.

Crimped Wire Mesh is made by low carbon steel wire carbon iron wire, galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire.

Safety, Security, Invisible, Style !!!

A best solution for window screen which is near impossible to get past !

  • Stainless Steel Woven Security Window Screen
  • Aluminium Perforated Metal Sheet for window screen
  • Aluminium Expanded Rain-Curtain Window Screen

Hesly Metal Mesh can supply a full range of industrial wire mesh products for construction filed.

  • Welded Wire Mesh Rolls (galvanised, PVC coated and Powder coated)
  • Welded Wire Mesh Panels (galvanised, PVC coated and Powder coated)
  • Hexagonal Wire Netting (Chicken Mesh)
  • Stainless Steel Wire Cloth

HeslyFence make and supply a full range of steel fence post. The fence posts can be paited any color or galvanized.

  • Star Picket (Y post)
  • T Studded Fence Post
  • Y post with teeth (Israel)

Remove Oil Mist and Odor - Protect Your Environment.

  • Wire Mesh Demister Pad
  • Mist Eliminator
  • Wire Mesh Filter

HESLY is an ISO certificated company who focus on the design and manufacture of metal wire mesh products, since 1995.

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